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Up until a few short years ago the car insurance industry was still stuck firmly in the 19th century and the only type of policy that you could usually buy was one which lasted for at least a full year. Yes, it was sometimes possible to buy temporary cover for a short period of time but this meant that you had to go off to your friendly local insurance broker, explain your predicament, and then sit back for a long period of time whilst he or she contacted any number of insurers to find one which would firstly take the business on, and secondly do it at a reasonable price. The disadvantages of this system are obvious; not only would the broker have to spend a fair amount of time discussing the policy but also the insurance companies would have to make special arrangements for each policy on an individual basis, so costs inevitably were heavy. In addition, the effort that had to be expended in order to accomplish something which on the face of it looked extremely simple meant that the majority of people simply didn't bother, and either didn't drive the car they wished to use or did so without proper insurance cover, therefore risking not only their driving licence but also their financial standing and, possibly, even their liberty.

Let us fast forward to the Internet era and things have changed dramatically! Firstly, buying insurance can now be fully automated over the Internet, thus cutting out the necessity for an expensive insurance broker to take a huge slice of commission out of the cost of each policy. Secondly, the ease of buying a temporary car insurance policy online has encouraged more and more people to take advantage of this product with the inevitable result that more and more insurance companies have recognized a source of future business and brought out their own offerings! As a result, the market has become very competitive and although car insurance premiums have risen considerably in the recent past a temporary policy still remains an economically viable option in many cases.

Counted on a day to day basis a conventional 12-month policy will always be a lot cheaper than a temporary policy owing to the economies of scale, but nevertheless for those many occasions when you need insurance quickly, for a relatively short length of time, a temporary policy can win hands down every time and not only save you a great deal of money but also a lot of inconvenience and aggravation.

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