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What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary insurance could well be the ideal answer someone who wants to ensure a car for a relatively short period of time. There are two basic plans; one provides for cover from just a single day up to a maximum of 28 days, and the other provides a month to month policy on a rolling basis. In both cases the policies can be booked and paid for online, providing immediate cover.

If you decide on the one to 28 days policy you will be able to download at your documents right away and print them out on your home printer. These should be sufficient evidence to prove that you have ensured the vehicle in question should you need to present your documents to a police officer, to tax the vehicle at a post office. There is usually an option to have a properly printed and hologrammed cover note posted to you at a small extra cost, if you wish.

Whereas the minimum length of time that you can ensure a vehicle for with this type of policy is just a single day the maximum of 28 days cover cannot be exceeded under current government legislation. Under the other type of policy, however, you can buy temporary cover for a minimum of one calendar month and then the policy would be automatically renewed at the end of each month unless you had given notice of cancellation. Under current legislation this type of policy can last for a maximum of eight months.

In both cases you would have the option of taking out either third-party or fully comprehensive insurance, and optional cover for both driving in Europe and for roadside assistance both in the UK and Europe is normally available. Furthermore, more than one driver can usually be covered for each vehicle, and more than one vehicle for each driver! You

Applying for temporary cover in this way is usually extremely simple with few of the very comprehensive questions that are usually asked when you fill in a conventional car insurance application form; what qualifications are slightly tougher. If you had had an accident during the last 12 months for which you had made a claim, if the vehicle you wished to insure was either very expensive worth less than about £1500 you would be unlikely to qualify; and in the case of the one to 28 days cover the absolute minimum age acceptable is 21 years of age, with some companies requiring applicants to be over 24. Cover is usually limited to social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

You may or may not own the car that you wish to insure but this is not a problem. If you are lending someone your own vehicle and wish to arrange for it to be insured temporarily applications are accepted from not only UK residents but also people who live throughout the European union in most cases, and a number of companies are prepared to extend temporary cover to visitors holding New Zealand and Australian driving licences too.

One major advantage of temporary car insurance is that if you were to have an accident in the vehicle which was covered by a temporary policy any subsequent claims would not affect the no claims discount that you had built up on any conventional car insurance policy that you have taken out on your main car. It should be borne in mind however that when ever you renew this policy you would be obliged to inform your insurers that you have been involved in an accident and they may, or may not, increase your basic premium as a result.

Insurance on a temporary basis like this can never replace a conventional car insurance policy because it is more expensive for an insurance company to sell cover in small parcels rather than for a full 12 months period. However, there are certainly many occasions when short term cover of this type could prove extremely useful, and it could prove not only an economical way of solving a particular insurance problem but also a very easy and convenient one since you can make all the arrangements from your own computer in your own home, very quickly and simply.

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